Abrahams mosterdmakerij

Spicy mustard from the craft village of Eenrum.

Such a tiny village, yet so much activity. Eenrum brims with entrepreneurs and trades. The tasty highlight is without doubt Abrahams Mosterdmakerij, which is a restaurant, mustard museum, mustard shop and mustard factory all in one. Take a look in this factory where mustard is produced using traditional methods. Afterwards, a bowl of delicious mustard soup at the outdoor café will taste even better.

© Jur Bosboom

Groningen mustard

What is it about this Groningen mustard? Mustard used to be the seasoning for the poor. While wealthy people enjoyed expensive herbs and spices from the Far East, the poor made something tasty from what grew on their property: mustard seed. Each region had its very own special recipe. The Groningen variety is characterised by the coarse-ground seeds with plenty of oomph, and the acidity of a royal splash of vinegar. Mustard from Abrahams Mosterdmakerij suits this taste profile.