Food in De Graanrepubliek

Tasting grains from local farms

This past filled with grains sounds lovely, but is there any place you can go to taste this gold? Well yes, culinary entrepreneurs are going back to this chapter in Groningen history. One example is the De Graanrepubliek cooperative, which is established in the old steam locomotive shed in Bad Nieuweschans. In this impressive building, enjoy Groningen bread, beer and much more.

Bakker Wiebrand

Bakker Wiebrand

Traditional Groningen Gold

Chances are that someone will mention ‘the old depot’ in Bad Nieuweschans. This name was long used to refer to this building. There are new names that should also be familiar to you. Locloods1877 is the name of the grand café established in this brick industrial heritage building. All other cool and traditional things happening here have an umbrella name: De Graanrepubliek. Taste and experience take centre stage in this cooperative of local farmers and companies. Together they conjure up delicacies made using local grains, such as oatmeal that is crushed live in the milling house.