The spirit and soul of Groningen

Despite most of the province being below sea level, wet feet never discouraged the first residents of Groningen. They built dwelling hills on the fertile salt marshes and an impregnable fortress within the marshlands. Their pioneering spirit took shape in robust churches, magnificent estate houses and creative architecture. Here, we conquered the land scoop by scoop and brick by brick.​ Our cultural heritage reflects our temperament. In Groningen, we do it our way.

Borg Welgelegen Sappemeer

Borgen, castles of the north

Amsterdamse School ROEZ

Amsterdamse School architecture

The hanging kitchens of Appingedam

Wierdedorp Niehove, where time stood still

Groninger museum - Bas Meelker

The Groninger museum

The impregnable fortress Bourtange

"Groningen is one big open-air museum"

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