Symbol of growth


Pleiadenlaan 8
9742 NG Groningen
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In 1972 Groeisymbool  (symbol of growth) received a place in the pond at the then newly delivered main office of the Rabobank at the Pleiadenlaan. One year later the Rabobank presented the work of art to the municipality of Groningen. The sculpture consists of three high pylons that rise straight from the water and are surrounded by fourteen floe-shaped elements that stick up from the water. A fountain spouts the water up along the pylons after which it splashes on the floes. In the evening underwater lighting illuminates the fountain sculpture in white light. Artist Jacob van der Meij described the work of art as a symbol of the earth bursting with the three polyps rising from the water and the brilliant white lighting at night expressing the primal forces and energy of the earth.