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  • Paviljoen Sterrebos

    Paviljoen Sterrebos


    Culinary enjoyment in the green heart of the city. Discover the possibilities that Paviljoen Sterrebos has to offer. Meetings, lunch, dinner or drinks, it's all possible!

  • Bourtange fortress**

    Bourtange fortress**


    Twelve comfortable rooms have been created in one of the former soldier barracks and coach house in the centre of the Bourtange fortress. Imagine yourself three centuries back in time and relive the atmosphere and romance of those days. The magnificent Bourtange fortress and wonderful cycling and walking paths in the Westerwolde area guarantee a pleasant stay in this still undiscovered part of the Netherlands. There are opportunities for canoeing, fishing, and enjoying the wonderful natural surroundings, as well as various packages. The area provides ample opportunity for a day excursion.


  • Restaurant 't Ailand

    Restaurant 't Ailand


    Restaurant 't Ailand is full of love for the sea, nature and the Waddenland.

  • Brussels Lof

    Brussels Lof


    Cheese, vegetables, fish, crustaceans and shellfish, fresh, pure, simple, vegetarian, vegan, seasonal and organic. That makes Brussels Lof a unique restaurant in the city center of Groningen.

  • World place

    World place


    Between the school at De Kluiverboom and the Alfa Collega is a work of art called Wereldplek (World place) by Michiel Kluiters, consisting of three large stools that serve as a shelter and each with twelve smaller ones to sit on. The large stools are a wi-fi hotspot, and each of them has its own of four functions: exchanging music, chatting, surfing and reading the latest news. The stools change functions from time to time as a result of which one of the four functions is lost. Pupils have influence on this using a game.


  • bed and breakfast DE DOBBE

    bed and breakfast DE DOBBE


    Our guesthouse "DE DOBBE" is located in a separate garden house with own entrance, terrace, kitchen and bathroom on the edge of nature reserve Appelbergen in Glimmen.
    Bed and breakfast

  • De Borrelvloot

    De Borrelvloot


    "Experience an unforgettable boat tour aboard our boat cruise. Bring your friends, customize your playlist, and set sail on an unforgettable voyage aboard our stunning vessel! Enjoy unlimited drinks as you navigate the charming historic canals.
    Round trip

  • Tourist information in Westerwolde

    Tourist information in Westerwolde


    Wherever you are in Westerwolde, there is always a tourist information point nearby. The many enthusiastic volunteers, who have taken Westerwolde to their hearts, are more than happy to tell you where best to walk, cycle, play golf or sail a boat. Tourist information for the south-eastern part of the province of Groningen is provided by Tourist Info Westerwolde. Tourist Info Westerwolde has 14 offices across the region. Thanks to the collaboration between the municipalities of Bellingwedde, Stadskanaal and Vlagtwedde, tourist information is available across the whole of Westerwolde. We will be delighted to welcome you to wonderful Westerwolde!

    Tourist agency

  • Groningen Airport Eelde

    Groningen Airport Eelde


    Groningen Airport Eelde ensures holidaymakers from the region have a perfect start of their holiday. The proximity of the airport, its easy accessibility and quick check-in procedure ensure a relaxed departure. The airport has an extensive range of flights by Transavia, Corendon and Tui to Spain, Greece, Portugal and Turkey, in addition to options for business travellers and city trips. There are daily departures to London Southend Airport and Copenhagen. 


  • Candlemakery Wilhelmus

    Candlemakery Wilhelmus


    At our candlemakery you can make your own candles. There are different possibilities: from dipping your own candles to making a candle from your own hand (wax-hand)! ?In this candlemakery all candles are made by hand and in the old-fashioned way. Our shop is full of candles in all shapes and colours. From the sixties-dripping-candles to candles in the shape of a seal and even the famous Martinitoren of Groningen; you can find it at Wilhelmus! It is a true experience for all ages!

    Uitje voor kinderen

  • Hostellerie Het Riet Blauwestad

    Hostellerie Het Riet Blauwestad Villa side view  (Our 2 B&B rooms are on the first floor)


    Enjoy views from our rooftop terrace, relax in the peace and quiet of our beautiful home in Blauwestad in our double room on the 1st floor.
    Bed and breakfast

  • De Oosterpoort & de Stadsschouwburg concerts and performances

    De Oosterpoort & de Stadsschouwburg concerts and performances


    Each year De Oosterpoort & de Stadsschouwburg presents more than 600 performances and concerts for more than 240.000 visitors. Popconcerts, (classical) music, cabaret, theatre, dance, opera and various outstanding festivals such as Eurosonic/Noorderslag, there is always something special to see on the stages of our venues. Turn your evening into something special by visiting our venue De Oosterpoort or our theatre de Stadsschouwburg Groningen. See our program on de-oosterpoort.nl or ssbg.nl Students get great discounts: a 50% discount on theatre and dance performances and for only € 10,- they can see famous classical musicians.


  • Public Library Floor

    Public Library Floor


    Artist Aryaan Harshage designed a bluestone floor decoration for the entrance of the public library. He placed two squares at the beginning and end of the access street from which various letters were cut away. The letters are mixed up on the first tile (in front of the entrance gate on the street side) and in the second tile they are neatly ordered from A to Z. The two diamond shapes are connected by two long and narrow bands, and perpendicular to these are two paths in front of the entrance toward the side of the entrance street in the direction of the wall. These lines emphasise the connection with the building’s architecture.


  • Haren Hortus botanical gardens

    Haren Hortus botanical gardens


    The Haren Hortus Botanicus (botanical gardens) is located a few kilometres south of the city of Groningen, and provides a varied selection of themed gardens on a terrain of no less than 20 hectares. Be surprised by the magnificent Chinese Garden, enjoy the fabulous view from the rock garden, explore the secrets of the Celtic garden, wander the heath and admire the giant sequoia in the Laarmantuin. Children can participate in treasure hunts, and the gardens include various catering facilities for a drink and snack.  


  • Parc Emslandermeer

    Parc Emslandermeer


    Located near Vlagtwedde in the southeast of the province of Groningen between the province of Drenthe and Germany, Parc Emslandermeer has comfortable 6, 7 and 10 person bungalows at the water’s edge and in wooded areas. There is plenty for active tourists to do, with a subtropical swimming pool, tennis courts, two 9-hole golf courts, bicycle hire and miniature golf. Relax at our beauty salon or have a delicious meal in our restaurant or snack bar. The scenic beauty and unlimited opportunities for activities and relaxation ensure that this is the perfect place for cyclists, hikers, water sports enthusiasts, anglers, culture fans and those looking for some peace and quiet. The saying ‘There’s no place like Groningen’ is oh so true!

    Holiday home

  • Pitch & Putt

    Pitch & Putt


    Hunninga Heem is an Oldambt farm located at the Oldambtmeer Lake which includes a pitch&putt course (minigolf course). The game is designed for everyone and lunches, dinners and refreshments are served in the vestibule of this historic farm. Pitch&putt is a wonderful party game and magnificent type of sport that is played worldwide. For more information, go to www.pitch-putt.nl. We also provide packages which include bicycle rides and rides with horse and carriage, sailing trips with a sloop or sailing boat, beach volleyball, archery, jeu de boule or a cooking workshop or picnic.

    Café or Bar

  • Wereldburgers



    The very best burgers; pure and environmentally-responsible The Wereldburgers hamburger restaurant opened its doors in October 2013. Wereldburgers serves high-quality, responsible and affordable food in a relaxed environment. Enjoy delicious hamburgers, homemade chips and special salads, all made from pure and local ingredients. Wereldburgers is a sturdy restaurant with a nod to the industrial character of an old warehouse. Robust materials such as wood and steel combined with warm, Mediterranean elements result in the Wereldburgers ambiance. This is also a wonderful venue for a cup of coffee. The restaurant and outdoor café have a wonderful view of the Aa-kerk church entrance.


  • Oude Ebbingestraat mansion

    Oude Ebbingestraat mansion


    It can hardly be seen on the ground floor, but if you look up the façade you will see an impressive mansion. The presumed year of construction can be read at the top of the richly adorned façade: 1661. Originally the building stretched far into the Jacobijnerstraat and the residents used to house their coaches and horses in the back part of the complex (which no longer exists). Until a major renovation in 1923 it also had distinctive steps by the front door. Before councillor Andreas Ludolphi had the house built, the ground was owned by the Dominicans, who founded the city’s largest monastery complex between the Jacobijnerstraat and the Hofstraat. In 1308, thanks to a gift from the Groningen prefect the ground on which this house was built had belonged to the Dominicans, who were also referred to as Jacobins after their first church in Paris. Their order founded the largest monastery complex in the city between the Jacobijnerstraat and the Hofstraat.


  • Midwolda marina

    Midwolda marina


    The Midwolda marina is located on the northern outskirts of the Oldambtmeer. This large, over 800-hectare lake was laid out as part of the Blauwestad residential and recreational project in the east of Groningen. The marina was opened in 2007 and has about 200 mooring places. This is the largest marina in the region and has plenty of facilities, including camper places, free showers, a free slipway and a shop selling water sports items. There is a boat hire and sailing lessons. Next to the harbour is a boat filling station, and the Midwolda beach is nearby. Go to the Paviljoen de Waternimf for a drink and bite to eat.

    SUP rental

  • Because you are never too old to play!

    Because you are never too old to play!


    Do you ever want to grow up? Kim Hoetjes and her employees sure don’t! They think playing games is a wonderful activity with lots of fun, no matter what age you are. They are happy to provide advice for personal purchases as well as gifts. Wirwar is a specialist shop with thousands of games, puzzles and brainteasers and a wide selection of classic and well-known as well as less known games, 5-minute games and games that can last an entire day, for all ages. They feature jigsaw puzzles by all famous brands in addition to minor brands and brainteasers to try. Are you up for the challenge? After all, you are never too old for this!  

    Other shops

  • Bus stops

    Bus stops


    Bus stops involve people waiting, which makes them a perfect location for a work of art. In the Oosterstraat a news ticker has been installed between two stainless steel columns. Instead of passenger information, texts are displayed about travelling, buses, and heart and lungs. The texts were written by author Jacques Brooijmans and most of them are poetic or philosophical.  In the Oosterstraat is a transparent synthetic heart in neon light above the columns. In the Gelkingestraat, that runs parallel to the Oosterstraat, lungs are placed above the columns. The organs refer to the centre and periphery of the city. When you enter the city by bus, you first pass the red heart, a symbol for the centre and the dynamic liveliness surrounding it. When leaving the city via the Gelkingestraat, buses pass the green lungs that refer to the tranquillity and space in the suburbs.


  • S02 city marking/ Book R

    S02 city marking/ Book R


    In 1990 the city of Groningen celebrated its 950 th anniversary and a contemporary city gate was placed at each main entrance road of the city to mark this. Architect Daniel Libeskind developed these city gates. The S02 city marking represents an open book and was created by artist Akira Asada. One page was made from glass and metal, and the other from stone with the text ‘onvoltooid toekomstige tijd’ (simple future tense). The idea was for monitors to project news on the work of art 24/7, but unfortunately technical progress was not ready for this at the time.


  • Harbourhuts and mobilehomes to rent

    Harbourhuts and mobilehomes to rent


    You are very welcome in our harbourhuts and mobilehomes.See our website: www.campingzeestrand.nl See you later....

    Camp ground

  • De Kaasboetiek cheese shop

    De Kaasboetiek cheese shop


    If you have a taste for delicious cheese, go to the Groningen Kaasboetiek that specialises in farmer’s cheese and sells a wide selection of foreign cheeses. A combination with cheese dippers, delicatessen, freshly roasted nuts, homemade leaven bread and glass of good wine complete your cheeseboard. Our selection of regional Groningen products includes mollebonen (roasted broad beans), Martini Tower liquorice, Groninger Knol’s koek (cake), regional cheeses and Groningen Kaatje (eggnog).