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  • Suite aan de A - Luxery Apartment City Centre Groningen

    Suite aan de A - Luxery Apartment City Centre Groningen


    Luxurious and tastefully furnished apartment on one of the most beautiful spots in the city of Groningen. Living room, bathroom and bedroom with seating in front and behind the house. Ideal for business trips or families up to 4 people. The house is fully furnished and has a living room, kitchen and bathroom. The bedroom is equipped with a luxury 2-person box spring, in the living room the sofa can be converted into a sofa bed for 1 adult or 2 (young) children. If desired, an extra guest bed can be placed in the bedroom or living room. Coffee and tea, Rituals bath articles, luxury towel and linen sets, fast (wireless) internet connection, 2 TVs (with movie channels), own washing facilities (washing machine and dryer) and various safety features are present in the house. The house has its own entrance. Guests have access to the full floor (ground floor). Use can be made of the seats in front of and behind the house. The backyard is enclosed and only accessible from the house. The Pottebakkersrijge located on the canal 'A' is in line with the Lage / Hoge der A a wonderful quiet place in the city center, but still within walking distance of the train and bus station in Groningen. Because of the many activities in the city, there is always something going on throughout the year. The stage at the front of the house is an interesting meeting place for artists and musicians. Perfect view of the Academy Minerva and the adjacent city garden makes this one of the most beautiful places in the city.

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    The friendly Barkhoorn campsite is located in the magnificent Westerwolde area and is perfect for families with children. The campsite and its surrounding area has plenty to options for those looking for some tranquillity. The Barkhoorn has spacious and green pitches, splendid amenities and various facilities, such as a swimming pool, a recreational pond, a restaurant and snack bar. They have bicycle and canoe hire. During the high season, every day the recreation team ensures a wide range of activities for young children as well as older youth and many sports activities. The breath-taking countryside around the campsite is an attraction in itself, with plenty of options for day excursions.

    Camp ground

  • 't Gouden Appeltje

    't Gouden Appeltje


    Delicious organic coffee, tea, delicious cake, lunch or a drink with beer from the region or a glass of wine. Or enjoy a high tea? It's all possible at 't Gouden Appeltje

  • Second-hand fashion in Groningen

    Second-hand fashion in Groningen


    Recessie (recession) is a clothes store in Groningen that specialises in second-hand clothing from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. There is ceremonial dress and clothing for themed parties available also. We offer a wide selection and low prices and have been a household word in Groningen for over 25 years. Our store in the Groningen centre is easy accessible. Our friendly store provides customers with the opportunity to shop in an adventurous way; personnel remains in the background until asked for advice. Customers can freely try on clothes; paying by switch card is also possible.

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  • Grand Café Groningen

    Grand Café Groningen


    The Grand Café Groningen is located at the Gedempte Zuiderdiep 56 in a stunning 19thcentury building that was once owned by the Steenkolen Handels Vereeniging (coal trading association). Where possible, we use regional and sustainable products, ecological if possible and low in food miles, which is better for people and the environment, and for our beautiful province. We are open 7 days a week for a delicious cup of coffee with homemade cake, a lovely lunch, a high tea, a good glass of wine or a delicious meal. Inquire about our options for gatherings, parties and celebrations. See you in Groningen!


  • Beerwalk Groningen

    Beerwalk Groningen


    Beerwalk Groningen is a city tour and beer tasting tour in one. You will explore the city center of Groningen with a guide and taste a couple of beers brewed in Groningen.

  • Holiday home Groningen | Svea Stuga

    Holiday home Groningen | Svea Stuga


    Enjoy the tranquility of the province of Groningen / Holland in our comfortable holiday home Svea Stuga, near the town of Winschoten.
    Holiday home

  • 5 unique cabins and a vintage Beach Cottage

    5 unique cabins and a vintage Beach Cottage


    We propose to you: our 5 unique and different hiking huts and the vintage Beach Cottage with a total of 36 beds. They are all on the same field and are thereby additional suitable for a group stay. The 4 person cabin with bunk beds, the round "kampeervat" for 2 persons, the log cabin for up to 8 guests (bunk beds and twin), the nostalgic block steering with two double box beds and the big cabin with 14 beds (bunk beds). The 4 person Beach Cottage has a private shower and toilet. All cabins and the Beach Cottage are spacious with inventory.

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  • The red secret

    The red secret


    There is no way you can miss this work of art at the Universitair Medisch Centrum hospital square which comprises nine rough broken fragments surrounding a smoothly polished granite sculpture. The polished sculpture slightly resembles a head and consists of ninety stacked blocks of red granite. The stack results in a pattern of lines that seem to refer to the thinking process of human beings and the complex network of the brain. According to artist Sigurdur Gudmundsson, the Swedish red granite used to create the work is in keeping with the colour of Groningen. In the 1960s the artist lived in Zandeweer, a small village in the north of the province of Groningen, and Gudmondsson’s colour experience is based on the typical redness of the older buildings in the Groningen villages and cities. The bricks received their characteristic red colour because the fatty sea clay – the raw material for the Groningen brick manufacturing – is ferriferous.


  • The Groene Stoel Groningen

    The Groene Stoel Groningen


    The Groene Stoel is a place where catering ambitions and delicious world dishes come together. A place where the future stands central and where local and seasonal products are most commonly used. Come along and experience the Groene Stoel yourself.

  • Monkey Town Groningen

    Monkey Town Groningen


    Come and play, climb and clamber. In our indoor playground paradise, children can climb and clamber, crawl through tunnels and go down various slides, play with mega Lego blocks and horse around in the ball pit. Visit us and have a wonderful indoor day out with your children. Adult supervision is obligatory, so admission is free for people 18 years and up. Free Wi-Fi available. 


  • De Kaasboetiek cheese shop

    De Kaasboetiek cheese shop


    If you have a taste for delicious cheese, go to the Groningen Kaasboetiek that specialises in farmer’s cheese and sells a wide selection of foreign cheeses. A combination with cheese dippers, delicatessen, freshly roasted nuts, homemade leaven bread and glass of good wine complete your cheeseboard. Our selection of regional Groningen products includes mollebonen (roasted broad beans), Martini Tower liquorice, Groninger Knol’s koek (cake), regional cheeses and Groningen Kaatje (eggnog).


  • Harbourhuts and mobilehomes to rent

    Harbourhuts and mobilehomes to rent


    You are very welcome in our harbourhuts and mobilehomes.See our website: www.campingzeestrand.nl See you later....

    Camp ground

  • Storyworld



    Storyworld is the newest museum of comics, animation and games in the Netherlands, but it’s also the coolest and the most fun museum to go to.

  • Public Library Floor

    Public Library Floor


    Artist Aryaan Harshage designed a bluestone floor decoration for the entrance of the public library. He placed two squares at the beginning and end of the access street from which various letters were cut away. The letters are mixed up on the first tile (in front of the entrance gate on the street side) and in the second tile they are neatly ordered from A to Z. The two diamond shapes are connected by two long and narrow bands, and perpendicular to these are two paths in front of the entrance toward the side of the entrance street in the direction of the wall. These lines emphasise the connection with the building’s architecture.


  • World place

    World place


    Between the school at De Kluiverboom and the Alfa Collega is a work of art called Wereldplek (World place) by Michiel Kluiters, consisting of three large stools that serve as a shelter and each with twelve smaller ones to sit on. The large stools are a wi-fi hotspot, and each of them has its own of four functions: exchanging music, chatting, surfing and reading the latest news. The stools change functions from time to time as a result of which one of the four functions is lost. Pupils have influence on this using a game.


  • Martini Hotel

    Martini Hotel


    For comfort and convenience at a very friendly price you can go to the Martini Hotel. Since 1871, the hotel has been a hospitable home for guests from home and abroad.

  • TheReSales



    We are a furniture store specialized in second-hand design. From all over Europe we collect the most beautiful gems from top designers and top brands in the field of furniture, lighting and home accessories. Visit our attractive showroom of 3000m²!

  • Statue of Aletta Jacobs

    Statue of Aletta Jacobs


    Aletta Jacobs (1854-1929) became known as the first woman ever to be admitted to university, and who for the rest of her life championed for women’s suffrage and world peace. In 1871 Jacobs, who was born in Sappemeer, started studying medicine at the University of Groningen. She took her doctoral degree in 1879 and started a practice in Amsterdam, where she carried out important work in the area of women’s health care and birth control. The statue was created by sculptress Theresia van der Pant and in 1988 was placed on the forecourt of the Arts Faculty.


  • Low Profile

    Low Profile


    This land sculpture was designed by architect and artist Gunnar Daan. He was inspired by Emeritus Professor in biological psychiatry Rudy van den Hoofdakker, who is better known as poet Rutger Kopland. In 1966 Van den Hoofdakker published a thesis about sleep disorders, and Daan distilled the theme of sleep from this for his work or art featuring a sleeping woman, man, dog and cat. The figures are embedded in the slope and surrounded by a stainless steel rim. The steel functions as some kind of low profile (hence its title  Low Profile ) filled with earth.


  • Museum Het Behouden Blik

    Museum Het Behouden Blik


    In this smalles museum of the northern Netherlands you will find a glimpse of recognition into our society by means of a large collection of Dutch decorative tins (1880-1980).

  • Kunsterf Warempel

    Kunsterf Warempel


    At Kunsterf Warempel, Annet and Wim provide creative holidays, during these days you can paint, model or spatially design. In addition, Annet regularly collaborates with Wim Huiting on art projects on location.

  • City marking S05

    City marking S05


    In 1990 the city of Groningen celebrated its 950 th anniversary and a contemporary city gate was placed at each main entrance road of the city to mark this. Architect Daniel Libeskind developed these city gates. At the Sprikkenburg by the Starkenborghkanaal channel is a city marking created by artist Gunnar Daan; a steel construction with two transparent stainless steel book leaves. These book leaves display the city of Groningen in two perspectives: the interior of the city and its exterior. The interior is displayed in the shape of a Stoa – an arcade – and the exterior in towers that fade into the space.


  • City marking S08/ The Tower of Cards, The Tower of Letters, The Joker's Perch

    City marking S08/ The Tower of Cards, The Tower of Letters, The Joker's Perch


    In 1990 the city of Groningen celebrated its 950 th anniversary and a contemporary city gate was placed at each main entrance road of the city to mark this. Architect Daniel Libeskind developed these city gates. The S08 city marking is located at the Euvelgunnerweg by the A7 and consists of three towers: a tower of cards, a tower of letters and the joker’s perch. The towers, which were created by artist John Hejduk, symbolise time that tells stories. The four series of thirteen maps represent the 52 weeks of the year and the card game and joker refer to the Middle Ages, when games of chance were very popular. They also refer to the 950 th anniversary of Groningen in 1990, the black tower representing the connection with the present.