Safe ways to explore the city


Keep to the right as much as possible in the shopping streets. Walking routes have been mapped out through the city center. As easy as can be. Have a question? Feel free to address one of the stewards. They are there for you.


Groningen is a cycling city. There are a lot of cyclists and even more bikes. If you visit the city center by bike, please don't park your bicycle in one of the busy shopping areas, but a little further away. You can for example use of one the additional bicyle stands that have been placed throughout the city center. If you do place your bike in one of the busy shopping areas, there is a chance that it will be removed. And don't overtake other cyclists for a while, make sure to keep your distance.

Cafés, restaurants and hotels

In the coming weeks all bars and restaurants will be closed. Only hotels will be open. However, it is often possible to pick up your favoroute food or drinks. 


There are several markets in the city center that welcome you with open arms. You can for example visit the markets at the Grote Markt and the Vismart. More space has been made free here for pedestrians. This way you can safely get some fresh vegetables, fruits and other goodies. 

Temporary closings

Some streets are (partially) closed during busy days, such as Friday and Saturday. This way cyclists and pedestrians are able to give eachother enough space. Feel free to continue your route with your bicycle in your hand. 

Bus station

The bus stops at the bus station are organized differently at the moment. Sometimes you might have to carefully cross the road to catch your bus. Don't forget your face mask. This is not only obligatory but also pleasant for the bus driver and your fellow travelers.

Parking your car

Are you visiting by car? Some parking spaces in the city center have been temporarily closed to provide more space for cyclists and visitors. Fontunately, there is enough space for your car in one of the many parking garages. Are you a resident of Groningen and not able to park your car anywhere? Please contact the 'Loket Parkeren' to figure it out together. 


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