Second historical city of the province

Cities in the province of Groningen are few and far between. In addition to the city of Groningen, Appingedam is the only other place in the province to have a medieval city charter. They worked hard to achieve this, and the wealth from Appingedam’s time as an important trade centre is visible all around. Appingedam residents were pragmatic which is demonstrated by the hanging kitchens.

Hanging kitchens

What to do if you require additional living space while your house is clamped between buildings and water? You simply decide to build over the water. The famous ‘hanging kitchens’ of Appingedam resemble bay windows hanging above the Damsterdiep. The bridge at the Gouden Pand provides a great view of them. However, you should know that this small city is actually best explored from the water. Take the Damsterveer, a sloop or canoe to sail around the centre and stop at the new Jachthaven marina, which is located in the middle of the Overdiep.