The Kiekkaaste birdwatcher’s hut

Watch out for birds and seals outside the dyke

The water breaks over the mud flats while birds pick for food. Enjoy the stunning views of this lively countryside from De Kiekkaaste birdwatcher’s hut at Nieuwe Statenzijl, the only Dutch birdwatcher’s hut outside the dykes.

Border region between salt and fresh

The seawall stops at Nieuwe Statenzijl in the eastern part of Groningen, and the Eems tidal river flows to the Wadden Sea on the border between the Netherlands and Germany. This is where salt and fresh water meet. A special landscape is created that features plants, birds, fish and other animals that are only seen in this part of the Waddenzee area. From the birdwatcher’s hut, see how water and land melt together and how the salt marshes are flooded on a regular basis. Hundreds of dunlins meet on the mud flats of the Dollard estuary, and twites, seals and porpoise are also regularly spotted here.