The Westerkwartier area has a rich and surprising selection of restaurants to suit any palate, connoisseurs and children alike. Their sumptuous use of local products give you a real taste of Groningen. 

Piloersemaborg | Pure and local

Den Ham - The food served at the Piloersemaborg manor is best described as Italian-style dishes prepared using pure local Groningen ingredients. The image of the geese, chickens, goats and sheep roaming around this manor further enhances this feeling. Come and enjoy their exceptional four or six-course meals, accompanied by delicious wines. Don’t worry about the time, because you’re welcome to spend the night in one of their traditional box beds. 

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Onder de Linden | Michelin star-worthy for thirty years

Aduard – Onder de Linden has held a Michelin star for the past thirty years. This is the place to be for the most delicious food in a charming inn from the 18th century. Although their cuisine is French-based, they use wonderful and unexpected combinations of food, featuring the flavours from the Far East. The Onder de Linden inn naturally provides overnight accommodation, so have that night-cap before you turn in. 

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Tante Til | Tea with a nod to…

Enumatil - The Tante Til tearoom is a lovely snug venue to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and homemade delicacy. They also serve delicious homemade lunches, and here’s where you can sample traditional Groningen poffert – a local ring-shaped cake – and soup. Enjoy the lovely view of the Eben Haëzer mill in this nostalgic venue with a nod to kitsch. 

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Eisseshof | Indonesia meets Groningen

Niehove – At Eisseshof, natural seasonings are used to give their Indonesian dishes unparalleled and special flavours and fragrances. If you like your food spicy and hot, take some ‘Huseins Hot Stuff’ home; a spicy sambal prepared by the Eisseshof chef, Husein Goudsmit. All of his divine dishes are prepared using as many locally-produced organic products as possible.  

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Kade Z | Fun with children

Zuidhorn - Enjoy a well-deserved cup of coffee at Kade Z while the children have a great time at the spacious enclosed playground. Kade Z provides people with a mental disability valuable, valued and suitable daytime activities, so be sure to come by for coffee and cake or a delicious lunch.

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