Through history

Enter the historic area of Middag-Humsterland; one of the oldest man-made landscapes in Western Europe, or start your exploratory expedition from the Nienoord manor. Five lovely bicycle routes have been set out, so there’s plenty to choose from. Four of them are 50 to 60 kilometres long; the fifth is the long-distance Rietdal route. 120 kilometres in total, it takes you right back to prehistoric times with megalith remains and ancient grave mounds. Sound clips and 360-degree photos further enhance the image of what things were like long, long ago.  

Pearly white trails

Take a short break from cycling and continue on foot on one of five trails that have been set out in the Westerkwartier area. Distances vary from 7 to 16 kilometres. The countryside and its places of interest are highlighted using photos, texts and sound clips. Check out the story of the Baroness at the Bolmeer who had a fight with the noble family at Nienoord.