Exploring Groningen from a mobile accommodation

Mobile accommodation with a kitchen, running water, a sitting area and four places to sleep: a camper provides you with the freedom to go anywhere you like. Gerwien van Rij and her husband used to hire out their own camper. This was a huge success and today they hire out six Volkswagen campers under the name of VW Holiday.​

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"Houses on four wheels that provide all the freedom in the world"

Gerwien van Rij

Thanks to their compact size, these campers also function as a passenger car if required, such as in a city or car parks. They are perfect for exploring the city as well as the province, and Gerwien has compiled various surprising packages for the latter. There is a package for the Wadden Sea area, through the sloping Westerwolde area with its brooks and primaeval forests or by well-hidden geocaches. This will take you to places you do not find in any brochure or folder. Go to www.vwholiday.nl for more information and inspiring holiday diaries.


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