Hanseatic tour for groups

Go back in time with this city walk through the Hanseatic history of Groningen.

The Hanseatic League consisted of merchants looking for protection against bands of robbers on their routes to faraway destinations. In the 14th century, Groningen joined the Hanseatic League and the city centre still shows various markings from this period. The Hanseatic League was inextricably bound up with the shipping industry; in those days, freight transport mainly took place by ships, which is evident from the high quays of the Hoge de A and the lower quays of the Lage de A, ensuring there was always a suitable place to unload cargoes, both at high and low tide. In those days, the city had an open connection with the Wadden Sea, and numerous sailing ships and freighters moored at the city quays.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Maximum of 20 people per guide
  • Costs: €150,- per guide

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