The Lauwersmeer National Park is a special scenic area. It was once covered by the salt water of the sea, and has been transformed into a freshwater lake with special birds and flowers. 

  • Different experiences year round
  • Explanations from an experienced guide
  • Visit the nicest nature spots

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The Forestry Commission is more than happy to take you into the area, on an excursion to find birds of prey, butterflies, special plants or trees and night trips for spotting falling.

Observation tower walking route

Walk through the Ballastplaatbos wooded area to see a sand martin and enjoy the view from the watchtower. Be sure to bring your binoculars!

Start: P-plaats De Rug, Lauwersoog. Follow the blue route. €0.00

Setting out with the forester

You can set out with a forester all year to find special animals and plants. In winter, look out for geese, in spring see birds of prey and in summer look for moths, Konik horses and falling stars. You can put your name down for this on the Staatsbosbeheer website