A church tour

This route takes in beautiful churches between Groningen city and Delfzijl. You will find the doors to many of these churches already open to visitors. And if not, you can simply borrow the key from the house next to it.

Recreational 40.1 km

Sights on this route

Starting point: Weersterweg 1
9921 TH Stedum

Hoofdstraat 1
9921 PA Stedum

Pastoriepad 1
9919 AP Loppersum

HCR Spoorzicht & SPA****

Molenweg 11
9919 AE Loppersum

Kerkpad 14
9913 PD Eenum

Kerkpad 7
9912 PB Leermens

Dorpsstraat 29
9911 PB Oosterwijtwerd

Schoolweg 19
9911 PA Oosterwijtwerd

Kerkpad 8
9904 PE Krewerd

Kerkpad 1
9905 RL Holwierde

Kerkstraat 1
9906 PP Bierum

Hoofdweg 36
9908 PB Godlinze

Mariakerk 't Zandt
Hoofdstraat 43
9915 PB 't Zandt

Borgweg 8
9914 PG Zeerijp

Kosterijweg 16
9922 PJ Westeremden
End point: Weersterweg 1
9921 TH Stedum

Take a look

While some may refer to them as beacons of silence, quiet and con-templation, others boast of their solid appearance or consider all churches combined to be one huge museum. Sometimes people refer to France or Tuscany to emphasise the beauty of Groningen churches. This is totally unnecessary, the churches of Gronin-gen are simply special as themselves, with their own particular character.

Groningen churches generally have ancient roots, deriving their special character from the reddish brown Romanesque bricks that were fired using Groningen clay. While their towers are usually modest in height, they stand head and shoulders above the artificial dwelling hills. Their interiors, with old murals and beautiful vaults, are true hidden gems. Welcome to the churches of Groningen.