Teuntje de Slak

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Watersporthuis Teuntje de Slak
Kaapsebaan 1a
9752 XP Haren
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Teuntje de Slak is the sailing surf house in Groningen; a place for windsurfing, a SUP city tour of the canals, boating, beach volleyball, sailing and so much more, by yourself or in a group. Consider a course of ten lessons a year or just one single experience. Together with thousands of other fans, every year Teuntje enjoys the kick, tranquillity and speed of the water. Teuntje is perfect for water fans, companies, schools, sports fanatics and those who like some peace and quiet. Teuntje also holds the best company outings, school events, such as fun sports days, class outings and also has educational lesson packages. Teuntje is happy to compile a customised programme for your anniversary or alumni day.



  • In/near nature reserve Yes
  • Distance from centre of village/town: 5 km
  • Accessible by public transport Yes
  • Distance from public transport: 1 km


  • Type of building: Sports accommodation
  • Appearance Business: Relaxing
  • Type of accommodation: Beach pavilion
  • Situation: Linked


  • Accessible by bike: Yes
  • Accessible by car: Yes
  • Own car park: Yes
  • Accessible by public transport: No