Kiek over diek

Cycling on the border between the Wadden area and the mainland

Without dykes, the province of Groningen would be considerably smaller. This may be why the level-headed strength of Groningen residents is felt so clearly on top of the seawall. The 90-kilometre Kiek over Diek bicycle path leads across, along the front and along the back of the dyke, ensuring stunning views. All that is left to hope for is a tail wind.

Seawall on delta height

The Ommelanderzeedijk, which stretches from Lauwersoog to Nieuwe Statenzijl, was not the first dyke that was built to protect Groningen from the salt water. Inland are the long interior dykes, of which the seawall is the highest. When on top of the dyke, you feel as though you are towering above the generally flat Groningen countryside. With the ever-changing Wadden Sea on one side, the countryside on the other, your feet on the pedals and the fresh sea breeze on your face, the Kiek over Diek bicycle path typifies Groningen.