Petting zoo Stadspark

Play tag among the goats and chickens

In the middle of the Stadspark city park and hidden between trees and shrubs is one of the best places in Groningen. In the Kinderboerderij Stadspark petting zoo, animals are free to roam the entire grounds. Once you are done looking at the animals, you can go to the playground on the other side, but be sure to say goodbye to that funny goat before you leave.

Circus at large

At the Kinderboerderij Stadspark, they are proud to let the animals run free, because other petting zoos often house their animals in sheds. Here they can roam free, provided it is good for them. The donkeys, for instance, have their own private and fenced field. Don’t let any goat startle you if they go after your shoelaces while you are drumming on the metal pipe musical instrument, or a peacock that might come and sit next to you on the tractor. The Kinderboerderij Stadspark is open daily and admission is free.

More fun at the Stadspark

There is an outdoor café by the petting zoo where you can buy a drink or some ice cream. On the other side of the path is a large playground with play houses, swings and slides. This is guaranteed fun! If you would you like to see even more animals, you should know that the Stadspark also features a large deer park. A bit further on is a herd of Scottish Highlander cattle. Come to think of it: the Stadspark is actually a free zoo in the centre of the city.