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Museum De Buitenplaats
Museum De Buitenplaats


Step into the entirely different world of De Buitenplaats Museum in Eelde, housed in a complex that is a high-profile example of organic architecture. Brick walls and overgrown piled stones alternate, flowery garden roofs and multicoloured borders run over into ‘green outdoor rooms’ of trimmed box trees and yew trees. Together they frame contemporary figurative art exhibitions with work from any style, country and time. Amidst all this are the stage events from chamber music to singer-songwriters and from poetry to salsa. The adjacent Nijsinghhuis also opens its doors on a regular basis. A listed building from 1654, in recent decades it has been decorated with interior paintings by Matthijs Röling, Wout Muller, Olga Wiese, Clary Mastenbroek and Pieter Pander.

Kunsterf Warempel


At Kunsterf Warempel, Annet and Wim provide creative holidays, during these days you can paint, model or spatially design. In addition, Annet regularly collaborates with Wim Huiting on art projects on location.
De Groninger Kroon
Groninger kroon


In this authentic working-class home you will find a tea room with Groningen dishes in addition to a gallery.
Noorderlicht . Studio | Festival | On Tour
Noorderlicht | House of Photography


Noorderlicht is a versatile and international stage for photography and other visual arts.
Archaeology-Geology-Shells-Navigation-Sea aquarium
Archaeology-Geology-Shells-Navigation-Sea aquarium


In four particular museums and a sea aquarium under one roof, visit a stalactite cave and a megalith, be surprised by the variety of shapes and colours of shells, crystals, minerals, stones and ancient fossils: discover the world below sea level in the sea aquarium. Inside the three-metre thick walled bunker dating from the Second World War are aquariums with fish, crustaceans and molluscs from the North Sea and Wadden Sea. There are also magnificent models of ships, ancient ship and navigation items, and paintings, books and photographs which portray the rich maritime history of the Delfzijl seaport town. The Muzeeaquarium is currently closed and scheduled to reopen on October 14, 2017.