Oude Boteringestraat 66
9712 GN Groningen
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Hi there! We are Spaak, the ultimate bicycle café in Groningen and a combination of a coffee bar and bicycle shop! While enjoying a delicious cup of single origine coffee from Koffiestation (a local coffee roaster) and something on the side, gape at some magnificent bicycles, components, accessories and cycling literature. We also have a workshop where you can let your racing bike fixed. You can also pass by to watch important and less important bicycle races or join one of our rides (Spaakrit) on every Saturday and Sunday. 

Opening times

  • Elke maandag 08.30 - 18.00 uur
  • Elke dinsdag 08.30 - 18.00 uur
  • Elke woensdag 08.30 - 18.00 uur
  • Elke donderdag 08.30 - 18.00 uur
  • Elke vrijdag 08.30 - 18.00 uur
  • Elke zaterdag 09.30 - 17.00 uur
  • Elke zondag 09.30 - 17.00 uur