Terug naar het Begin festival

Groningen churches guide your way during the annual Terug naar het Begin (Back to the Beginning) Cultural Festival. During a long weekend in May, these ancient buildings will be the stage and backdrop for art, music, stories and theatre.

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Wijkstraat 32
9901 AJ Appingedam
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A blend of art

While still under the influence of that dance performance, take the meandering roads and old seawalls to an experimental poetry recital. Then head out to an exhibition of prints. Terug naar het Begin is a varied blend of music, theatre, poetry, literature, dance and visual art. Hidden in the old churches of Appingedam and surroundings, experience surprising, moving and enchanting things.

Primeval landscape

During your trail from church to church, see how much further inland the sea used to come. Dykes were not devised yet. Groningen residents managed to keep their feet dry by constructing artificial dwelling hills. These hills heralded the history of the region and ensured Appingedam developed into a wealthy trade centre. Today, the churches on the artificial dwelling hills provide a distinctive location for almost any art form. This art festival literally takes you back to the beginning.


  • daily starting from May 15th, 2020 until May 17th, 2020