New shops, restaurants and cafes in Groningen

New year, new hotspots to discover! We already made a list of places to discover in 2020, with something for everyone. Fans of Eastern cuisine can for example go to Magoya or sandwich shop Mr. Dam. And those with a sweet tooth can go to La Bottega from now on, to indulge in all kinds of Italian sweets. There is always something new to discover in Groningen. Have fun!

Magoya | All-round Asian cuisine

Stoeldraaierstraat 56 – Crazy about Asian food? There is a new place in Groningen where you can find all your Asian favorites. Sushi, poke bowls, noodles and all kinds of snacks: Magoya is the place to be. Asian comfort food as comfortable as it can be, because you can order at the table with your phone. And splitting the bill has never been so easy, because all dishes are €9.50.

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Bar 1672 | Shared dining and cocktails

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 15 – You can find Bar 1672 where Roezemoes used to be. Why 1672? It is the year of the Groningens Ontzet. It is no coincidence that the hero of that time is honored with a restaurant a door away: Rabenhaupt. Bar 1672 is everything but an outdated bar. It is a chic, modern place where you can share your food and end your night with a cocktail.

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Moong | Bubble tea time

Herestraat 80 – Everyone who says that fast food is unhealthy by definition should visit Moong. Literally translated from Chinese: green soybean, the main ingredient for everything that comes out of Moong’s kitchen. Bubble tea for example, a drink made from cold tea, ice, and tapioca bubbles. From February the extremely popular ‘Jianbing’ will be sold here. They are a kind of healthy savory pancake. Oh well, you should just go there and taste it yourself.

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Boer Bart | For early birds

Herestraat 91 – Imagine: you get out of bed early in the morning and you are hungry. However, you don’t feel like your daily plate of porridge or bowl of yogurt. Where to go? From now on you can go to Boer Bart for a hotel-worthy breakfast. A breakfast buffet is available Tuesday through Saturday from 7:00 to 10:00 AM. For those whole like to stay in bed a little longer Bart also offers a variety of sandwiches on the lunch menu. Good day!

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Mr. Dam | You & Banh mi

A-straat 6 – When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, people often think of noodles or spring rolls. But have you ever heard of banh mi? It literally means bread (banh) made from wheat (mi) and had gradually become one of the most favorite dishes in the world. That’s why Mr. Dam thought it was time to bring the dish to Groningen. Good to know: he makes everything himself without using any preservatives and uses eco-friendly packaging.

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Grandcafé 2Jongens | With a Groningen twist

Damsterplein 2 – A night out Groningen style? Go to the 2Jongens. You see the skyline of Groningen on the walls, the Peerd of Ome Loeks and the Grote Markt. And on the menu you will also find subtle influences from Groningen. Everything for a great price, because the boys believe that good food doesn’t have to be expensive.

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