An old city with a young heart

Countless bicycles and crowded outdoor cafés. The historic university city of Groningen is the youngest city in the Netherlands: the average age of its population is 36. The city radiates creative energy wherever you go. Concept stores, cafés with no fixed closing times, cultural experiments and daring start-ups: in Groningen, you are young, day or night.​ Immerse yourself in Groningen in six ways.

In the spotlight: 10 coffee hotspots in the city

Handmade Hopes

Handmade Hopes

In the spotlight: hip concept stores

The Groninger museum

Epicenter of university city Groningen

Business on the Vismarkt

Terras Grote Markt

Terras Grote Markt

In the spotlight: terraces of Groningen

"Groningen is an under-the-radar gem"

The Independent

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