The tranquility of Groningen

Step into the silence of Groningen. You won’t have to search for long if you know where to look. Behind an old city gate, on a church bench below medieval vaults or on a sandbar in the middle of the Wadden Sea. Let the calm wash over you and empty your mind to make place for new ideas. Experience what silence can do for you at these six special places in Groningen.

Ancient churches, beacons of silence

Klooster Ter Apel 3

Welcoming Klooster ter Apel

Dark Sky Park

Dark Sky Park: so dark, you see everything

Rozen Domies Toen

The flourishing gardens of Domies Toen

Kunsterf Warempel

Unleash the artist within you

Silent courtyards in an energetic city

"It is a fusion of so many beautiful moments"

Janine Abbring

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