Transport to Groningen

In the city centre, you can park your car for a maximum of thirty minutes for a quick errand. Follow the P route if you wish to park your car in one of the cite centre’s underground car parks where you can park for a longer period of time.

Park and Ride (P+R)

You can park your car near the centre and take the bus from there. P+R buses shuttle between the centre and the car parks. Parking is free and a return ticket for a maximum of 5 persons from the P+R area to the city centre and back is €6.00.

Public transport

Groningen is easily accessible by public transport. The following websites provide more information. If you are at the station, don’t forget to look up and admire the interior of the station hall.



View the map with all bus connections in the city and the province.



There are various places in Groningen where you can hire a bicycle: 

Fiets & Service Groningen
Stationsweg 13
Tel: 06 53149416

Bikes in Groningen
Sint Jansstraat 25
+31 (0)6 24515546

Pims fietsen
Westerkade 24
+31 (0)50 750 1402

TrendEwheels Groningen
Schuitendiep 2
+31 (0)50 851 1532

Groningen Airport Eelde

Groningen Airport Eelde is an international airport located a stone’s throw away from the city of Groningen. It is a mere 20 minutes by car from the airport to centre of Groningen.

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