With the kids

Go on an adventure

A muddy path under your bare feet, a zoo that allows more than just observing, or an exploratory expedition in a monastery where you can see what life used to be like. In short, Groningen is one giant adventure for children.

Martinitoren treasure hunt

You are sure to feel it in your muscles after climbing almost 300 steps up the Martinitoren. But rest assured: there are options for breaks to view its ancient interior. What would those bells weigh? And why do Groningen residents refer to the tower as the Old Grey One? Climb up there like a real tower-keeper to find the answers.

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If you think nature is boring, you have never had a snake curled up around your neck or petted a skunk. In addition to feeling and seeing, you can also hear and smell a large variety of animals in DoeZoo in Leens. If you would also like to taste something, how about... a worm biscuit?

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Monastery museum Ter Apel

A long time ago, monks used to live in the Ter Apel monastery. It has since been transformed into a museum that shows what life here was like in the olden days. You can put on a habit and have your picture taken as a monk. Look around the refectory, the herb garden and the bedrooms. There are options for playing outdoors in the Kloosterbos.

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Adventurepark Waddenfun

Is climbing entirely your thing? Or do you consider it something of a challenge? Whatever the case, everyone can climb according to their level at the Adventurepark Waddenfun, whether you are 4 or 84. This largest indoor climbing park of the Netherlands will challenge anyone. Fasten your safety belt and climb as high as you wish.

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Sealcentre Pieterburen

Lie on a blue pillow and peek through a window. Whoosh, that was a seal! This one is almost ready to return to the Wadden Sea. Other seals in Sealcentre Pieterburen are still too sick. Extra activities are held during children’s afternoons and holidays.

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Family park Nienoord

Do you always want to do something different than your brother or sister? Or are you simply into lots of different things? Then rest assured, because there are heaps of children’s attractions at the Familiepark Nienoord family park. A small steam train traverses the playground, the petting zoo and an obstacle course. Oh, and there is the swimming castle.

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Care farm De Mikkelhorst

At the ecological De Mikkelhorst care farm, have fun in the large playground and pet goats in the petting zoo. If you think you are too old for the slide – but are you ever actually too old for this? – see how wood is split, or buy some delicious cheese in the farm shop. Admission is free and this is a perfect place for a children’s party.

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Blotevoetenpad Opende

Is it an obstacle course, a footpath or both? Two things we know for sure: you must take your shoes and socks off and you will not stay clean. The course includes trunks and ropes to cross the ditch. This is guaranteed muddy fun for any age.

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Petting zoo Stadspark

In the middle of the Stadspark city park and hidden between trees and shrubs is one of the best places in Groningen. In the Kinderboerderij Stadspark petting zoo, animals are free to roam the entire grounds. Once you are done looking at the animals, you can go to the playground on the other side, but be sure to say goodbye to that funny goat before you leave.

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