Blotevoetenpad Opende

Muddy adventure

What’s this? Is it an obstacle course? A footpath? Both maybe? Two things we know for a fact: your socks and shoes simply must come off and there’s no way you’ll make it to the other end without getting covered in mud. Climb across trunks and use a thick rope to crawl across a ditch. This barefoot path guarantees loads of messy outdoor fun for young and old. ​

Sludge between your toes

A good sense of balance will really come in handy when you venture out onto the Blotenvoetenpad. Feel the grass tickle the soles of your feet and sludge seep between your toes. The path is even muddier after rain showers. Obstacles are set up along the track to spice up things even more. Be sure to stay on the safe side by bringing a clean set of clothes.