The zoo that allows just that bit more

If you think nature is boring, you have never had a snake curled up around your neck or petted a skunk. In addition to feeling and seeing, you can also hear and smell a large variety of animals in DoeZoo in Leens. If you would also like to taste something, how about... a worm biscuit?

  • Doezoo

Creepy creatures and more

This surprising zoo – just thirty minutes by car from Groningen – is all about insects. There are huge numbers of them, in addition to all kinds of animals that eat them, such as owls, squirrels and frogs. Other residents include lizards, snakes, spiders, monkeys and coatis. Many animal accommodations are outdoors, and more can be explored indoors, which is nice on rainy days. As soon as the sun is out again, go and enjoy the animals outside, the playground and closed inflatable trampoline.