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The taste of Groningen

Delicious and high quality products do not need to come from far. In Groningen we make use of what the sea and land provides us with. Spicy mustard, bitter beer, salty samphire, wine with the slightest note of acidity and sweet rolls from local grain and sugar. Pure and without fuss. Try the traditional 'eierbal' - actual UNESCO intangible cultural heritage - one of the ways to taste the real Groningen.

© Cora Westerink

Abrahams Mosterdmakerij

The famous Eierbal

Brouwerij Martinus

Brouwerij Martinus

Micro-brewery Martinus

Top wine from Groningen soil

Sushi from the Wadden

Biologisch brood van bakker wiebrand

Biologisch brood van bakker wiebrand

The Grain Republic in the Old Remise

Make your own

"De eierbal: UNESCO world heritage for your culinary bucket list"

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