Sushi from the Wadden

Right from the sea onto your plate

All that fish, those oysters and that glasswort… Why wait for all these delicacies from the Wadden Sea World Heritage site to be in the shops, if you can simply harvest them yourself? Set out on an excursion and collect your own meal. Food does not come any fresher than this.

Oysters and seaweed

Depart from Lauwersoog with the fishing couple of ‘t Aailand. Cross the Dutch Wadden on a slikslee (silt sledge) to collect shellfish. What will you have for your meal? When it comes to seaweed, crabs, oysters, cockles, grey mullet or flatfish: at ‘t Aailand, they always conjure these into a delicious meal. You might also opt to do this yourself. Follow a workshop where you learn how to fillet fresh fish safely and easily.