Adventurepark Waddenfun

Unleash the climber inside you

Is climbing entirely your thing? Or do you consider it something of a challenge? Whatever the case, everyone can climb according to their level at the Adventurepark Waddenfun, whether you are 4 or 84. This largest indoor climbing park of the Netherlands will challenge anyone. Fasten your safety belt and climb as high as you wish.

Clambering and sliding across the fields

With 45 bridges and over 300 metres of zip-line, there is no place with more indoor climbing adventures than in the Adventurepark Waddenfun in Wehe-den Hoorn. Every thirty minutes an instructor provides information at the instruction track. After that, climb all you like on a 2-metre, 4.5-metre or 8-metre height. Alternatively, glide over the Groningen fields using the zip-lines. If you think two hours is too short, take into consideration that you'll be ready for a drink and snack after all that climbing.