Sealcentre Pieterburen

The Wadden Sea robbers laid up

Lie on a blue pillow and peek through a window. Whoosh, that was a seal! This one is almost ready to return to the Wadden Sea. Other seals in Sealcentre Pieterburen are still too sick. Extra activities are held during children’s afternoons and holidays.

Are you a good seal doctor?

When lying on the edge of a basin, you could almost forget that seals are the largest animals of prey in the Wadden Sea. In Sealcentre Pieterburen, sick seals and seals who have lost their mother are taken in and cared for. As soon as they are healthy again, they are returned to the Wadden Sea. What does this care entail exactly? During the tour, you are permitted to enter parts of the centre which usually remain closed, from the operating theatre to the fish kitchen. In the intake room, you can carry out the initial check for a newly entered seal.