Familiepark Nienoord

Playing, cuddling animals and a ride on the steam train

Are you done quarrelling with your younger brother or sister about which ride to go next at the playground? Or are you simply up for loads of different stuff? Well, you’ll be spoilt for choice with all the attractions at Familiepark Nienoord. It even features a small steam train that chuffs right through the playground, a petting zoo and an obstacle course. Oh, yes, and before we forget: there’s a swimming castle as well.​

Never a dull moment

When you are done running and jumping, get on the small railway carriage that criss-crosses the park. Look around and see your friend on a tractor, while a cheeky goat nibbles on your mother’s bag. Your younger sister is pretending to be a monkey in the climbing frame and your father sure seems to be having fun whizzing down the slide. Maybe it’s time to round up everyone and defy the obstacles of Expeditie Nienoord. Or have some chips, or ice cream. With this huge set-up, there’s even more adventure outside the park, such as a subtropical swimming castle and a miniature golf course. You’ll find all this and more in a wooded area.