Familiepark Nienoord

Play, pet animals and ride the steam train

Do you always want to do something different than your brother or sister? Or are you simply into lots of different things? Then rest assured, because there are heaps of children’s attractions at the Familiepark Nienoord family park. A small steam train traverses the playground, the petting zoo and an obstacle course. Oh, and there is the swimming castle.

No time for boredom here

Are you done running and jumping for a bit? Go on and take a small tour of the park across the railway, see your best friend on a tractor, or that cheeky goat going after your mother’s purse. Your sister is playing in the climbing frame while your father is venturing out on the slide. Later you will all defy the obstacles of the Expeditie Nienoord. Some fries or ice cream would be nice, but there are just so many activities. There is even more to do outside the park, such as the subtropical swimming castle and a miniature golf course. And all of this is surrounded by wooded areas.