Domies Toen

Floral splendour in the Vicar’s garden

How many plant varieties can just under one hectare hold? In Domies Toen in Pieterburen, there are 950. This museum garden is a colourful example of a garden with winding paths; the Groningen variant of the English landscape-style garden. The gentle humming of insects is the only sound you hear.

Vicar and farmer

Domies Toen was created prior to the 17th century, next to the Petruskerk church in Pieterburen, which used to be the Vicar’s garden. Not only because he liked gardening in his leisure time, but because he also worked as a farmer. This combination was not uncommon in those days. The parsonage has since disappeared, and a tearoom is established in a Neo-Gothic building where religious education took place. Admission to the garden with winding paths is a few Euro.