Ter Apel monastery

Hospitability and devotion behind closed doors

For many centuries, monks worked, prayed and lived in this mediaeval red-bricked monastery. Located in a beautiful green area, this is a place where the silence can still be heard.

  • Klooster ter Apel
  • Klooster Ter Apel 2
  • Klooster Ter Apel 6

Monks in the corridors

Klooster Ter Apel was founded towards the end of the Middle Ages – in 1464 – as a place of devotion and hospitality for passing travellers and pilgrims, qualities which can still be experienced today. Feel free to have a look in the old bedrooms or put on a monk’s robe and walk the corridors to imagine yourself a monk in the olden days. Experience the devotion and respect for God in the monastery church, with its high ceilings and old wooden adornments. In the monastery garden, sit among the medicinal herbs and take some time to reflect and contemplate.

Monastery beer

While monks used to store their food and drinks in their special cellar, today this is where you’ll find a liberal supply of monastery beer. For centuries, beer was brewed on the monastery grounds, as witnessed by the wild hop plants that grow in the surrounding wooded areas. Currently, the high-quality and tasty current Kruisheren Klooster Ter Apel Bieren are brewed in Belgium and Germany. Be sure to stock up on some.