Ancient churches

Beacons of silence in the countryside

Most of them are not that high, but they do tower above everything else at their locations on the top of an artificial dwelling hill. Many Groningen churches have a Romano-Gothic architectural style, with an austere and solid appearance. You are always welcome in any church for a moment of silence. In most of them, you can hear only your own footsteps. You will find the doors already open, or you can ask the neighbours for the key.

Beacon in the Marsum landscape

Each church in Groningen has its own story. The St. Walfriduskerk church in Bedum is distinctive because of its tower, which leans more than its Italian equal in Pisa. The Mariakerk church in Krewerd was built in the thirteenth century and still exudes the serene and mystical atmosphere of the Middle Ages. In the centre of the botanical gardens of Pieterburen is the Petruskerk church. Its interior is decorated with carvings of plants, trees and animals in wood. One of the oldest brick churches in the north of the Netherlands seems somewhat lost and lonely on top of the remnants of an artificial dwelling hill in Marsum. This is a wonderful monument of contemplation.