Second historical city of the province

With Groningen and Appingedam as the only places in the province to have mediaeval city rights, you could say that cities are few and far between in the province of Groningen. The Buurbrief of 1327 formed the basis of their city rights. Today, the wealth that reigned in the days when Appingedam was a trade centre of importance is still visible. In addition to wealthy and rich, Appingedam residents were also pragmatic, as demonstrated by the hanging kitchens you see over the canals. 

Hanging kitchens

Suppose your house is wedged between other houses and water and you wish to expand. One possible solution might be to build a section out over the water. The famous ‘hanging kitchens’ in Appingedam are similar to bay windows, suspended above the Damsterdiep canal. You’ll have a good view of them when you stand on the bridge at the Gouden Pand. Appingedam is actually best explored from the water anyway. Go aboard the Damsterveer ferry, a sloop or canoe and sail the centre. Be sure to stop at the new Jachthaven marina behind the Nicolaïkerk. 


A port with a rich history

The historic Appingedam centre is perfect for a lovely city walk. The Roman-Gothic Nicolaïkerk, the old courthouse and the Raadhuis town hall: dozens of historic buildings from the Middle Ages and later paint a picture of the city’s history. Stroll from one bridge to the next to take in the wealth brought to the city by centuries of trade and commerce. If you’d like to see more, go to the Museum Stad Appingedam and the Groninger Zilverkamer which has an extensive collection of Groningen silver on display. 

Art and culture

From museums to galleries, and from mediaeval churches to places of worship from the 20th century, Appingedam showcases an impressive variety of art and culture. In addition, various main cultural events take place every year, such as Terug naar het Begin (Back to the Beginning), the Bie Daip Internationaal Folk & Seasongsfestival, Dickens in Daam, and the historic Coopluydenmarkt. 

Shops, restaurants and cafés

You can’t help being tempted to go down charming and narrow shopping streets of Appingedam and explore the city on foot. Stop by the singular shops to sample their varied selections and have a drink and a snack at one of the outdoor cafés by the water. Dive into the vibe of this friendly and compact city. 

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