Gate to the Wadden Sea

Delfzijl has always been closely connected to shipping and water. The city featured a harbour as early as the 16th century, functioning as one of the main connections between Groningen and the Wadden Sea right up until today. Board a ship and set sail on the Dollard waters: a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site. The town’s connection with water speaks for itself. Head out of the centre and cross the Diekloper to a large beach, the perfect place to build your sandcastle or go for a dip. The MuzeeAquarium, a museum of natural history, is just a bit further on from here. Come visit and see the rich underwater life of the Wadden Sea and North Sea. 

Shopping in the centre

The lively seaport centre features a huge variety of lovely shops, restaurants and cafés. Store chains and specialist shops sell products from trendy new clothing to interior decoration items and gadgets. Stroll the streets to take in one surprise after the next and have a well-deserved break at one of the outdoor cafés. 

Cultural city of Delfzijl

Delfzijl always has something in store, in the cultural field in particular. Take in special works of art in and around the centre, such as the monument for Ede Staal located on the dyke. Lovers of architecture have also come to the right place here. The city features a variety of Amsterdam School-styled structures. One of these buildings is home to ‘t Hoeske van Opoe Iet, a charming family room museum with a collection from the period from 1735 – 1940/50. If you are up for an evening on the town, go to the De Molenberg theatre, where films as well as musical and theatre performances are scheduled. 

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