Blissfully happy in Delfzijl

With Groningen at its back and looking into the future, Delfzijl is a place of pioneers and free entrepreneurial spirit. An access portal to the city of Groningen since 1303, Delfzijl is where the land meets the sea, with three locks and one single soul. Come to take in the ambiance and meet the entrepreneurs who have devoted their heart and passion to the area. Read the stories of six entrepreneurs from Delfzijl and join in on their sense of happiness of ‘Blissfully happy in Delfzijl’. 

Meet the entrepreneurs

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The center of Delfzijl has a wide range of shops for daily shopping. But you can certainly also go there for more than that. There are many unique local shops where you can find something delicious, fun or surprising. Experience Delfzijl in the museum, by bike or on foot. Get to know Ede Staal or enjoy the only beach on the Dutch mainland where you can watch the sun rise over the sea. Experience it yourself. Become 'blissfully happy' in Delfzijl.