Activities in Delfzijl

With plenty of options, those looking for some outdoor activities have come to the right place in the lively town of Delfzijl. Whether it’s on the beach, on the water or by bicycle: Delfzijl has it all for a happy and fun day. 

Groningen by the sea

Granted, the sea may not be azure blue and the beach may not have palm trees, but this beach is large and features a lovely boulevard. Easily accessible via the bridge that connects to the centre, the beach features the Eemshotel with an outdoor café above the Dollard waters. You’ll also find a mobile snack bar and sanitary facilities, and at the natural marshland nearby, you can learn about the creatures of the Wadden Sea – from a distance of course. 

Loodskotter Eems No.1

Sea Piloting was – and is – a dangerous profession but the work must be done at any time and under whatever weather circumstances. Pilots are required to climb on board when it’s dark and the weather is rough and ships are foundering in the sea. To honour the sea pilots, in 1997 a start was made with the construction of a replica of the Loodskotter No.1, the Eems. It was finished in 2004, and the 28-metre-long ship has become the pride of Delfzijl. From May through September, the Loodskotter regularly heads out to cruise along the Dollard or cross over to Emden. It can also be hired for group outings. 

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Exploring Delfzijl on foot

Delfzijl is great for an exploratory expedition. Leave the beaten track to take in all it has to offer. The Tourist Information Office provides brochures such as ‘Appingedam & Delfzijl – Twee verhalen in één’. You could also opt for one of four free themed routes set out in and around Delfzijl centre: 

  • De Havenstad (the seaport)
  • Cultuur-historisch ommetje (Cultural-historical walk)
  • Amsterdamse school architectuur (Amsterdam School architecture)
  • Maigret in Holland
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MTB routes

MTB Eemsdelta has set out various MTB routes in Eemsdelta: a 31-kilometre-long City MTBike route and two City MTBoots routes of 15 and 9 kilometres. They all introduce unknown features of Eemsdelta. The MTBike route is marked and the MTBoots routes can be followed using an app. Get on your bike and combine personal performances with the wonderful experience of racing through fields and woodlands and across country roads. 

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