Dark Sky Park

Rare darkness around the Lauwersmeer lake

Would like to experience that pitch-black darkness in Death Valley or the Grand Canyon? You should know that you can do this much closer to home in the Dark Sky Park in the Lauwersmeergebied. Far away from any artificial light sources, it gets so dark here that you can see everything. Enter into the darkness of the countryside. The night is calling.

You can see more without light

Some animals – such as bats – can only go their own natural way in complete darkness. Darkness is good for people as well. After all, many of us sleep much better in complete darkness. In addition, you can see much more in the dark. You will certainly see – or not see – this when you visit the Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer. Go out by yourself or take an excursion to see a starry sky and stars you have never seen before. See the moon cast shadows the same way the sun does. On some days, you can even see the northern lights from the Lauwersmeergebied area.