Walking beneath the stars

Or are you afraid of the dark?

The stars twinkle above you like never before. You cannot see your hand in front of your eyes… but you feel as if you can actually see so much more. Experience Dark Sky Park Lauwersmeer with a guide from the public astronomical observatory or a forest ranger, or just venture out on your own. These walking routes give you a peek into the darkness of Lauwersmeer.

Darkest bike path in the Netherlands

Walking along the pitch black bike path in the Kollumerwaard you will see the lights of Zoutkamp, the gas flame of Grijpskerk and to the southeast the glowing city of Groningen. The bike path begins at the car park on Kwelderweg and ends at the Hooge Zuidwal. And back again.

Dancing harbour lights at Lauwersoog

Ship lights, lamps on the edge of the lock and as far as the eye can see out to Schiermonnikoog: the illuminated harbour of Lauwersoog provides a fanciful evening backdrop. Park at Hoek van Bant and stroll through the ghostly harbour while listening to the black water lapping softly on both sides of you.

Ballast plate forest in the dark

If you go out in the woods today you're sure of a big surprise...’. Not afraid in the dark? Well good. Welcome to the darkness of the Ballastplaatbos forest just north of Suyderoogh bungalow park. Sometimes you will walk past dark water and sometimes you can see lights in the distance. Spooky, especially when it's windy!


In the darkness from Strandweg along the Zoutkamperril you will have a beautiful view of the illuminated commercial area of the fishing marina. Turn around and get a glimpse of the Willem Lodewijk van Nassau Barracks and the windmills in Vierhuizen.

Walk around Ezumazijl

The Frisian side of Lauwersmeer is also a great place for a stroll. Park at Uitkijkpunt Ezumakeeg Noord outlook point and meander through the grasslands and along the dark water. In the distance you can see the lights from the gas flame in Oostmahorn.

Nije Faert near Esonstad

Holidaying in Esonstad near Oostmahorn? Then you need not go far for a walk in the deep dark night. Sail on the Nije Faert near Esonstad and experience just how dark the water is in the dead of night. Take a walk on the dike or stroll along the beach below.

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