Outdoor cafés in Groningen

City residents and students love to frequent the many charming outdoor cafés when the weather is nice. At the first rays of sun, you can hear the lovely summer sounds of tinkling glasses and friendly chatter over the sound of patio chairs being set up. Groningen is a perfect place to spend some time at an outdoor café: you can find one at each corner to warm yourself in the sun and enjoy a delicious cold drink. Following is a selection of the best outdoor cafés in the city.

Zondag | Noorderplantsoen

Kruissingel 1 – The Zondag pavilion is located in the stunning Noorderplantsoen – which in itself is a lovely place on dry and sunny days. The surrounding outdoor café in green is a perfect place for a meal in the evening or breakfast, lunch, coffee or drink during the day.

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De Sigaar and others | Hooge Der A

Hooge der A 2 – The A, where water holiday-makers pass through, is a lovely place to spend time. People standing on their surfboard, or enjoying the water in a boat, on a ship or in a pedal boat: see all this and more from the sun-kissed waterside. Neighbouring establishment De Pijp Wine & Dine has a small and lovely outdoor café with a view of the water

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De Sigaar

Het Zwarte Schaap and others | Schuitendiep

Schuitendiep 52 – The chain of outdoor cafés never ceases: walk from the outdoor cafés at the Grote Markt across the Poeleplein – which is also scattered with outdoor cafés and restaurants – and you end up at the Schuitendiep. Across the water is the elongated outdoor café of the Zwarte Schaap and its neighbour Flinders, which measures over 20 metres

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Het Zwarte Schaap

De Kostery | Martinikerkhof

Martinikerkhof 2 – The Kostery is blessed with an outdoor café at the foot of the Martinitoren which is in the sun all day and popular among people of all ages. If there’s no room for you there, simply cross the street and go to ‘t Feithhuis, which has a large and attractive outdoor café at the rear. Although it is not visible from the street, it is no less cheerful. 

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De Kostery

De Drie Gezusters and others | Grote Markt Z.Z.

Grote Markt 36-39 – This is a classic in the Groningen outdoor café scene. As soon as the first rays of sun reach the Grote Markt, this place is crammed and additional personnel is deployed to cater to all of the guests. The neighbouring outdoor cafés of the Grand Café HooghoudtOcean 41 and Café Der Witz liven things up at the south side of the Grote Markt.

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Eetcafé d’ Ouwe Brandweer and others | Zuiderdiep

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 75/77 – One of the first outdoor cafés you approach when entering the city from the Centraal Station main railway station is the d’ Ouwe Brandweer. If you can’t find a place to sit, no worries, because the Chaplin’s Pub outdoor café is located on one side and the friendly outdoor cafés of TOET and Gino’s IJssalon on the other. 

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Eetcafé d' Ouwe Brandweer

De Uurwerker and others | Uurwerkersplein

Uurwerkersplein 1 – Those who are less familiar with Groningen may have to search for this ‘hidden’ pearl next to the Harmoniegebouw of the University of Groningen. You will not find this outdoor café on a main thoroughfare, but instead in a maze of little alleyways and narrow streets. The Uurwerkersplein square is extremely popular in summer, in particular among students and young workers. The outdoor café of the Uurwerker as well as that of the Belgisch Café De Pintelier is located at this friendly and popular square

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De Uurwerker

Café De Toeter | Turfsingel

Turfsingel 6 – The Ludina Terras opposite De Toeter is partly located on shore and partly on an authentic ship. The homey tables and chill lounge sofas invite everyone to come and have a drink. The green area ensures that wonderful feeling of being outdoors while in the city.

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Café De Toeter

Het Concerthuis and others | Poeleplein

Poelestraat 30 – The Poelestraat and Poeleplein are known for their lively night life, with a cheerful and friendly atmosphere here in the evening, as well as during the day. Most cafés and restaurants at the Poeleplein take their tables and chairs outside during summer, transforming the square into one giant and delightful outdoor café. In addition to the Concerthuis, this is also the location of the Grand Café Time Out outdoor café.

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News Cafe | Waagplein

Waagplein 1 – In the Goudkantoor, which was constructed in 1635 in the Dutch Renaissance style, enjoy a drink or cup of coffee and cake indoors or at the spacious outdoor café with a view of the Martinitoren. A few steps away is the News Café outdoor café, a trendy venue where the latest cocktails are served. This is where history and hipsters meet right next to the Grote Markt.

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News Cafe

More outdoor cafés

This is just a selection of the many lovely outdoor cafés in Groningen. Others include Mr. MofongoDe MinnaarDOTStads- en Terrascafé PronkBierlokaal De Koffer and the tearoom in the Prinsenhof, which is definitely worth visiting on a sunny day.