Sampling local grain

Groningen has a rich history involving grain, so you might wonder whether there are any places to taste it. The answer – naturally – is yes. Go to the old steam engine shed in Bad Nieuweschans, where the De Graanrepubliek cooperation ignited an agricultural revolution.​

Experimenting with Groningen grain

Hear the creaking, boiling and seething of brew-kettles and other appliances. This is where various producers and farmers experiment with new and old applications of Groningen grain in beer, Dutch gin and bread. In conjunction with nature, their idea is to develop an entirely new food chain. They started a movement that strives for a healthy future for everyone – with flavours that will make your mouth wate

Spend some time at the outdoor café

After reading this, you may fancy that drink, or even have worked up an appetite. No worries, because a mill, malt-house, bakery, pasta factory, brewery, distillery, bar and taste laboratory are planned for this historic building. Until that time, you are very welcome at the outdoor café during weekends. After hiking or cycling through the scenic Oldambt area, find a place under the espalier trees and take in the views of the Westerwoldse Aa and vast farmlands.