News Café


Waagplein 5
9712 JZ Groningen
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The News café is the most diverse and centrally located establishment in Groningen city centre. The Grand café, surrounded with outdoor cafés in summer, is the best meeting place in the city, and this is the address for a delicious espresso, latte or cappuccino. They have an extensive lunch menu and cocktails and other drinks to enjoy in the relaxed atmosphere in the evening. On the first floor is the restaurant with an international menu and our club is located in the former fallout shelter. We also have various rooms for business guests and people who want to throw a party.  

Opening times

  • Elke maandag om 10.00 uur
  • Elke dinsdag om 10.00 uur
  • Elke woensdag om 10.00 uur
  • Elke donderdag om 10.00 uur
  • Elke vrijdag om 10.00 uur
  • Elke zaterdag om 10.00 uur
  • Elke zondag om 10.00 uur