8 tips for gift shopping in Groningen

Groningen has just so many lovely shops where they sell items and gadgets to give away as a gift. From trendy design store to classic specialist shop, you are sure to find a great gift item at one of the following 8 addresses. For yourself as well!


Oosterstraat 26 – If you are looking for special items, you will find that the Warenhuisje KOKOTOKO has little stock, if any at all. This is where smart Santas come to shop, because chances of them buying something someone already has are slim to non-existent. Another perk is that your purchase contributes to a better world, because all products are made with care, attention and love for life and the future. The absolute greater part of their selection is fair-trade and organically certified.

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Groningen Store (Tourist Information Office)

Forum Groningen, Nieuwe Markt 1 – You can set your mind at ease and stop your quest for Belgian speciality beers, Persian pottery and toys from China, because the very best presents come from Groningen. Go to the Groningen Store for information and fun, tasty and sustainable products, made by Groningen producers and inventors. 

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Vismarkt 14 – WAAR has made a come-back, and it’s better and more eco-conscious than ever. This gift shop only sells fair-trade, locally produced and ecological or organic items. They have modern city maps of Groningen, recyclable sandwich bags and unsprayed houseplants, and much, much more.

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De Kaaskop

Zwanestraat 24 – Fair food, regional products and unexpected flavour combinations: de Kaaskop sells cheese as well as dairy, nuts, tapas and various wines. Their fondue bag with all ingredients for a delicious fondue is an all-time favourite and perfect for the holidays.

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Oosterstraat 54 – The BIEN concept store is filled with fashion, interior and lifestyle items, clothing and accessories, all Dutch and Scandinavian brands. Be inspired by the industrial atmosphere in this shop where everything is for sale, from interior design accessories to cookery books and the side tables and cushions.

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De Stadsakker

Oude Kijk in ‘t Jatstraat 38 – The Stadsakker is the perfect place for anyone with green fingers or those who wish they had them. They have a large collection of books, seeds, tools, and all you might need for processing your harvest or feeding the birds. And then there are the handy garden tips and extensive advice, from how to keep a pot of basil thriving to information about a full-scale allotment garden. Whether you need a reliable tool or a nice gift for the garden, De Stadsakker is sure to have something for every gardener. If in doubt, opt for a gift voucher, made from – naturally – recycled prints from gardening books.

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Laif & Nuver

Rode Weeshuisstraat 7 – A lovely shop with timeless interior design and lifestyle products, completed with gift items. In addition to the many special brands, they also have their very own product line on their shelves. Laif & Nuver: a shop in the city heart that is sure to inspire. 

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