King's Night in Groningen

Groningers are known for their love of parties. One of the times when the city buzzes is during King's Night. Hit the pub or dance into the night, there is plenty to do. We have listed the best events during King's Night for you. 


Once again this year during King's Night, a variety of artists will perform on a large stage on the Vismarkt. All kinds of genres will be performed. The band Starfish gives a summer feeling with a mix of reggae, ska, pop and surf rock. After Starfish, it is up to enthusiastic Groningen singer Kevin Paré to build a party. And he can do that like no other. With his own music, but also with the biggest Dutch hits. For many people, an evening of dancing and singing is not complete without the songs of ABBA. That is why the 'ABBA Experience' closes the evening festively.  

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De Helden van Oranje

During King's Night, the City Park will be all about De helden van Oranje. Get ready for an evening of homegrown music. Go from left to right with Snollebollekes, sing along with Tino Martin and dance to the beats of DJ Paul Elstak. This royal line-up is guaranteed to make for a huge party.

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SPOT Oosterpoort

VISION King's Night returns for a second edition. Born out of love for bass music and Groningen, record label Noisia brings the big names and up-and-coming talents to the stage. Among others, Pendulum, Moody Good and Sachiko will usher in King's Night here. 

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Happy Feelings

What started as a modest house party has grown into a grand festival. Although Happy Feelings has outgrown the living room, its free and upbeat nature remains at the heart of the festival. This edition of the King's Night festival will take place at the Grain Factory. Thanks to the different stages, there is plenty to discover.

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Ladi Dadi King’s Night

At Ladi Dadi, you can have a dance party with a DJ set covering all kinds of genres. From R&B to dancehall, standing still is not an option during Ladi Dadi! This year with a royal welcome at a secret location in Groningen.

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A Paradigm of excellence: King’s Night

For more than 12.5 years, Paradigm has been a household name in the Groningen dance scene. Paradigm is one of the most versatile and innovative electronic music festivals in the Netherlands. For true enthusiasts, a feeling of coming home, even on King's Night. This feeling cannot be understood, only felt and experienced.

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Freedom and joy during Koningsvrij. Everyone is welcome at OOST, Achterwerk and Cilinder during this party. Here, expect a cosy mix of house, disco, and other hits to start King's night and day.  

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Local terraces and cafes

Besides the music on the Vismarkt and in the Stadspark, King's Night in Groningen also offers a great opportunity to explore the local catering industry. Get carried away by the conviviality. Step into that one pub you sometimes walk past. From cosy pubs to lively clubs, Groningen has something for everyone.

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Orange first

The whole of the Netherlands turns orange on 26 and 27 April, so of course you cannot be left behind. Add a touch of Groningen pride to your Kings Day outfit with a typical Groningen Kings Day shirt. Show that you are a true Groninger as you explore the city streets. Get your shirt now at the Groningen Store and steal the show this King's Night.


King's Day

After King's Night, of course, the party is far from over. Wondering what you can do during King's Day? Check out the best markets, parties and activities on King's Day. 

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