Natuurdorp Suyderoogh

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De Rug 3
9976 VT Lauwersoog
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The Landal Natuurdorp Suyderoogh is located by the Lauwersmeer National Park near Lauwersoog. This place has a climate that differs from the rest of the Netherlands, because on average the Lauwersmeer area has more hours of sunshine and less precipitation. This wonderful scenic area features many bird species and a countryside full of water, where sailors venture out on the lakes, bird lovers set out with their binoculars and adventurers walk the mudflats. The park has a swimming pool and paddling pool, a sauna, a steam cabin, outdoor facilities and a restaurant with bowling alleys. If you would like a house by the water and a place in the sun, be sure to come to Landal Natuurdorp Suyderoogh.