Barefoot path

There is a special path in Westerkwartier: 't Blôde Fuottenpaad, or the Barefoot Path. The name says enough: take off your shoes and socks, and walk!

Take a look

Walk barefoot through mud, water and grass. Along the way you can rest in one of the hammocks or on a bench.

The idea for the path arose from the story of a lady who used to walk the path from her house to the church in the village. The Staatsbosbeheer has developed the path in collaboration with Opende. The Barefoot Path is managed by the Staatsbosbeheer and its volunteers.

Practical tips:

- There is a long route, 3.4 km (blue) and a short route (red), 1.6 km
- The Barefoot Path is freely accessible all year round
- At the end of the route you can rinse your feet, bring a towel
- Walking the route is at your own risk
- Dogs are not allowed
- The Barefoot Path has 2 starting points: p-place (P1) Tea Garden Blotevoetenhof, Peebos 1a, 9865 TG in Opende, p-place (P2), suitable for buses, Kaleweg, 9865 TC in Opende