Watching birds in Midden-Groningen

Business in ‘t Roegwold

‘t Roegwold is an area with new as well as old countryside. You might refer to it as a rugged marsh woodland. This scenic area did receive some human help, however, and old farmlands are still being slowly transformed into something else. So far it has developed into a true paradise for birds, so be sure to look carefully to spot the various species. Wilco van der Laan, photographer and great lover of birds, knows this like no other.

It doesn’t need an expert to enjoy them like he does. On the contrary: everyone can spot birds, because these little – or large – winged friends are all around you. ‘Simply start at the Knuppelpad car park or walk a bit further to the Slochtermeenteweg. You will see so many birds flying and hopping around here: bearded reedling, skylark and sedge warbler are just a few examples,’ says Wilco.

'Watch carefully; there are just so many flying about'

Special species

The number of special birds in ‘t Roegwold is simply too extensive to mention. But did you know that there are some very unexpected ones here as well, such as the flamingo? In the spring of 2019, Wilco was one of the very lucky ones to capture the pink birds on camera. ‘I approached them very slowly and carefully. At a certain point, they walked right up to us and skimmed past us. I’ll never forget it!’

Alas, there’s no sign of the pink bird today, and it’s difficult to predict when and if they’ll return. On the other hand, the mighty white-tailed eagle hasn’t left. With a wingspan of two metres, this largest raptor in Europe certainly is a striking inhabitant. In the Netherlands, no less!

You very own adventure

If you think bird-spotting might be something for you, be sure to try it out. You won’t need much and being curious will get you halfway there. Some binoculars will help, because it’s difficult to spot them with the naked eye. The more experienced you get, the more you will see and discover. Let Midden-Groningen surprise you.

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